One of things that draws me to the security industry is how fast it moves.   Maintaining a web site for example is very difficult as the vulnerabilities are discovered it seems almost daily.   One of the web sites that we use to test our security of our web site is    It’s not perfect, but it gives you an idea of how protected your web site is by giving it a grade from A to F.

Once we upgraded our HTTP headers we could achieve an A rating for security.   Which is obviously important to us since we provide security consulting for a living.    We are still working on fine-tuning the content security policies and should have that completed this week.

Test your own organization to see how secure it is.   Or check your current cyber security solutions provider to see their score.    You may be shocked to find out your current security score is an F.    Don’t be alarmed, however, since this is just one of many ways to test a web site.    Reach out to a competent security consulting firm to harden your web presence.