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Websites are hacked every day.
Amount of viruses created per day
Of all email sent is spam.
Days NASA’s computers stopped working after being hacked by a 15 year old boy.
  •  source:   Arbor Networks, Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report Volume XI


Infrastructure security provides processes, controls, and monitoring around the components of a computing environment. Secure configurations of your operating systems, networking devices and strong patching processes are all examples within this category.


This area is one of the more mature segments within security. That said, it too has experienced numerous innovations. FocusPoint Technologies can assist organizations navigate this category through assessments and/or technological controls that are best suited for your organization’s security maturity.


STOP the Madness…..

August 29, 2018|

FocusPoint is introducing a new program called STOP – Security Technology Optimization Program. This offering will focus on helping companies get the most out of their security technology investments, without adding more tools to [...]

  • CIS Controls

Latest Developments in the CIS Top 20

April 2, 2018|

Just when you feel you understand the CIS controls, a new version is released. In this case, the new version of CIS controls hopes to improve by separating them into three distinct categories and [...]

Cyberwar, Deadlier Than You Could Possibly Imagine

January 18, 2018|

I just finished reading an article on CNN, the title “Pentagon considers changing nuclear retaliation rules.” What does this have to do with cyber security you ask? Let me quote the article “The Pentagon [...]

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