Stolen from IRS from thieves using stolen identities.
Identity fraud occurs every
Amount of identities compromised in Anthem and Premera breaches
Passwords are reused by employees
  •  source:   http://www.csoonline.com/article/3153707/security/top-5-cybersecurity-facts-figures-and-statistics-for-2017.htm


Identity management, also known as identity and access management (IAM), is process and technology that governs the identities of individuals accessing computing resources in an organization. It also prevents unauthorized individuals from gaining access through various methodologies. It provides an audit trail of who, when and where an individual utilized an IT resource.  It is one of the first controls that most organizations seek to implement as the foundation of a “least-privilege” access control framework.


Our goal is to understand your needs and provide policies, processes and potentially a tool for your maximum security.

Technology in this space is far more complex than just purchasing a tool and implementing it. Some organizations need controls on internal IT resources and others utilize cloud providers. We can also assist with existing tools in your environment. It’s critical that they are implemented correctly so you receive the full benefits your organization was seeking when it was purchased.


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