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Within the first hour, the antivirus products missed nearly of malware.
Average number of alerts per week an average enterprise receives.
IT budget spent on prevention controls that miss 796 malicious files per day.
The proportion of a survey of professionals who identified phishing and social engineering as top threats
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  • https://techbeacon.com/38-cybersecurity-stats-matter-most


Endpoint security refers to a methodology of protecting the corporate network devices, whether servers, computers, laptops, etc.  Remote access plays a big point in securing the endpoints. Each device connecting to the network creates a potential entry point for security threats.


Endpoint Security has experienced robust growth as organizations realize securing the perimeter is no longer enough.  There has been an explosion of new technology entering into this space. Some offer new ways to protect an organization from the proliferation of endpoint devices entering the workplace. We believe that your endpoint security solution should be tightly integrated with your other security tools. If your staff needs yet another screen to monitor and manage, it simply won’t get done.  We work with numerous vendors in this space and will work with you to recommend the best fit for your defense-in-depth security approach.


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There is no silver bullet

A Trend Micro technical white paper

The strengths and weakness of today’s threat-protection techniques—and why a multi-layered approach to endpoint security is a must.



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