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More security technology deployed in cloud
Companies Have Compromised Credentials
Employees upload sensitive data to file sharing services
Passwords are reused by employees
  •  source:   http://www.csoonline.com/article/3153707/security/top-5-cybersecurity-facts-figures-and-statistics-for-2017.htm



Cloud security is the protection of information that resides in the “cloud” or is hosted at another facility.  When you utilize a cloud provider you are relying on their ability to keep your data safe. Cloud security tools typically ensure users are who they say they are, they are getting access to the information they need, at the times they need it. It’s also important that the cloud providers are protecting your data from others that use their services.


At FocusPoint Technologies, we have experience in assisting organizations in developing a secure posture in regard to their cloud providers. Starting with the contract review process, ensuring the proper controls are evaluated and included; ending with ongoing processes to ensure identity and access management and data integrity is maintained.

Free Cloud Risk Assessment

The average organization underestimates the number of cloud apps they have by 90 percent. Get a true picture of your cloud usage with a Cloud Risk Assessment (CRA), including:

* Cloud apps by category, enterprise-readiness level, and risk,
* Usage and data movement in sanctioned and unsanctioned apps
* DLP violations and data exposure
* Analysis of these items against your business concerns

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