Overview – what is it?

Changes in technology occur at an exponential rate of growth.   It’s literally something you must dedicate the rest of your life to if you are to be current and marketable.   In large projects of new technology one of the most overlooked parts of the budget is employee training.  We highly recommend that in any large implementation of technology a portion of the budget be spent on training.  Some technology is relatively intuitive but others require an abundance of patience to master.   FocusPoint Technologies provides students with industry-leading technical training through our partnerships with Authorized Training Facilities that deliver the most relevant and intuitive computer courses and certifications.

Benefits – What do you get?


Increased capacity to adopt new technologies

Increased capacity to adopt new technologies

After installing a new technology or just keeping up with the newest updates, its important your staff understands the technology.   It leads to better adoption and reduces frustration among your staff.


Save your budget for other items.

Redirect your budget to other areas

If your staff doesn’t understand how to effectively manage technology you will need to outsource that function to a solutions provider or managed services provider.


Reduced employee turnover

Reduced employee turnover

One of the best way to retain IT staff members is to offer free training.


Knowledge equals speed

Knowledge equals speed

The more proficient you become on a technology the faster you are able to manage and troubleshoot issues when they arise.

Which ways can I receive training?

  • Live person.  The most expensive is to have the trainer come to your organization and conduct in-person training.    Depending on your location there may not be an experienced trainer in the market so you will also incur an expense of travel of the trainer.

  • Web cast.    This is a very efficient way to receive training and still have the ability to ask live questions.   Our trainers utilize state of the art video conferencing systems that allow participants to interact with the trainers.

  • In person training at one of our facilities.   Like most training companies, FocusPoint Technologies utilizes third party training centers.   These centers are equipped with the latest training rooms and labs.   Our prices include our costs associated with room rental.

  • Computer-based training (CBT).   This training is very advantageous to those individuals who don’t have the ability to commit a full day or half day to training.   The downside of course is that you don’t have the ability to ask questions live.    It’s also the most economical way to purchase training.


Training Locations

FocusPoint Technologies has access to training facilities in 314 cities with over 3000 locations worldwide.

***Please note:   FocusPoint Technologies is not an Authorized Training Provider (ATC) but instead partners with leading ATC’s on behalf of our clients.   This list is subject to change without notice.***

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