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Overview – What is it?      

We work with you to gather information about your existing situation, assessing where there is potential for security program refinement. Through our hands-on expertise in technology vetting and process maturity, we can help you optimize the investments you have already made in these areas. You will have detailed deliverables suitable for all audiences to allow you to communicate effectively.

Benefits – What do you get?       

Step 1 - Review

Current Solutions, Modules, Licensing

Step 1 - Review

We start by reviewing your current tools, understanding details around licensing and modules. We are also gaining an understanding of your support requirements, staffing and skillset of your team.

Step 2 - Analyze

Gaps in Functionality - Consolidation Opportunities

Step 2 - Analyze

We assess the gaps in required functionality, support structure, while looking for consolidation opportunities.

Step 3 - Discuss

Report Outlining Recommendations

Step 3 - Discuss

We provide you with an analysis of the ways you can maximize your current investment!

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STOP the Madness…..

August 29, 2018|0 Comments

FocusPoint is introducing a new program called STOP – Security Technology Optimization Program. This offering will focus on helping companies get the most out of their security technology investments, without adding more tools to [...]

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