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Overview – What is it?

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is a term used to describe services that focus on maturing a strategic privacy and security program. It involves defining a comprehensive program based on industry privacy and security frameworks, all based on the specific risk tolerance of an organization. Through assessing the risk, applying controls, regularly reviewing progress and ensuring compliance, the entire lifecycle of people, process and product should be considered.

Benefits – What do you get?

Complementary Offerings

By local experienced experts

Demonstrated Expertise

FocusPoint offers a number of services to quickly show our value. We are located in the Twin Cities, our resources are experts in their field.

In-Depth Assessments

Risk, Compliance, and Vulnerability Assessments Available.

Remediation Assistance

Process improvements are often needed for remediation of vulnerabilities or other gaps. Let us help you drive the prioritization and overall roadmap to move the organization forward.

Program Management

Mature your security/privacy program

Effective Governance

Gain leadership support through business involvement. Provide factual metrics that are effective for differing levels of the organization.

Improve Maturity

Ensure foundational compliance and continue to grow

Quickly Show Progress

Proven methods following industry frameworks can jump-start new or accelerate existing programs to be even more effective.

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