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Overview – what is it?

SOC-as-a-Service: All the Benefits of a Security
Operations Center Without the High Costs of a DIY

To protect themselves from today’s cyber threats, most enterprises implement a security operations center (SOC) with trained staff and expensive technology—and all the constant training and upgrading that go with it. But SOCs are harder to support for midsize organizations. Because most midsize companies lack the protections that large enterprises have, they are often targeted as lower hanging fruit.

Once inside, attackers can remain hidden for a longer period because these organizations lack the technology and skills to detect and respond to threats in a timely fashion.

Cyber security and risk are a top concern for midsize organizations, according to a recent Deloitte survey, which found 61 percent of respondents cited implementation of new security processes as the most important focus of their IT security spending. Midsize organizations face a challenge in that they have many of the same security issues as a large enterprise but lack the budget and expertise to address them. Traditional MSSP services are good for managing infrastructure, but they fall short when it comes to advanced threat detection and providing greater visibility into the environment. One means of accomplishing this is through an affordable, easy-to-install SOC-as-a-service.    FocusPoint Technologies has partnered with Artic Wolf after a extensive vetting process.    If you like to learn more or receive a demo of their solution please contact your FocusPoint Technologies sales representative.

Benefits – What do you get?


Security experts on demand.

Security Experts

It’s impossible for IT staff to be experts in all areas of technology.   Leverage security experts on demand.


Save your budget for other items.

Redirect your budget to other areas

Most companies hire managed services organizations as an operating expense vs a capital expense.


With our managed service offerings you receive monthly detailed intelligence.


Our managed services offering you will receive detailed monthly reports on the health of your environment.


Don't get distracted by non-core business issues.

Prioritize Time Wisely

Utilizing a managed security provider allows you to focus your efforts on your core business vs security issues.

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