Imagine, a device in your home, with access to multiple parts of your home (TV, lights, thermostat, door locks). The device is always listening for your command, which means it’s also always listening to your conversations. The device is certainly connected to a network, which probably isn’t set to be very secure by nature. These devices are part of the Internet of Things (IoT) that is taking over the way we communicate and do business with each other. Recent stories show that these devices also have their share of flaws. Most recently, Fox News reported in a story how a conversation was recorded and sent through an Amazon device.

IoT is taking off at an alarming speed! The more we want automation, artificial intelligence, technical gadgets, the industry is delivering! What’s lagging behind are the controls that are needed to protect people and companies from this exciting technology. The risk continues to grow while more and more “things” are quickly becoming connected!

As these devices connect (whether personal or at your company), it’s imperative to understand the risks involved in any home or business environment. Homes will have “things” they will want to trust to be secure; businesses will need to ensure security is built in as they either use IoT devices or provide them to customers.

Services offered by FocusPoint Technologies can help in multiple ways. We can help in architecting secure IoT solutions at the beginning of a project or assess an environment as IoT devices are deployed. Finally, we have access to secure products that will ensure the right controls are in place long-term.

You shouldn’t have to ask, “Hey Google . . . have I been hacked?”