As companies struggle to keep up with the constantly changing, complex privacy and security landscape, finding a qualified leader to build and maintain a comprehensive program can be challenging. As one of the most in-demand jobs in the industry, the CISO can be extremely hard to find. While IT engineers may have been enough to handle security on the side, companies today are realizing they need a qualified leader to work with the business to define and implement a clear strategy.

The process of hiring a full-time security leader can be difficult. Companies are challenged by issues, where an outsourced service could fill the gap while providing multiple benefits. Here are some of the challenges addressed by using CISO as a Service:

  • Security Program Maturity.Whether just starting or wanting to accelerate the maturity of a security/privacy program, seasoned professionals understand the various levels of maturity. Many have grown programs from nothing to a high level of maturity.
  • Staffing Challenges.Security and privacy professionals are in high demand these days. Qualified and skilled leaders are even more difficult to find. Let us do the vetting of these resources and offer you the best fit for your organization.
  • Compliance Requirements. Small, medium and large organizations all fall under many of the same compliance requirements. Leverage the knowledge and experience of an expert CISO to avoid penalties for non-compliance.
  • Limited Budget. Multiple sources show that cybersecurity staffing challenges will continue. Certainly, hiring a security leader can be very pricy amid the limited budgets. This service caters to your needs and your checkbook.
  • Leadership Support. If your company is struggling with the priority of security as it relates to business priorities, a CISO can assist with building a business case focused on the risk tolerance specific to the business.
  • Effective Program Metrics. Part of that business case is demonstrating factual evidence of maturity. Understanding what is important is key.
  • “Crown Jewel” Protection. Whether intellectual property, personal data, finances or even brand is the most critical to the success of your organization, the security leader must work with business leaders to translate that into prioritization of controls and build an associated roadmap for success.
  • SaaS and Cloud Applications. Like it or not, data is in the cloud. Working with vendors and applying controls is something that a skilled CISO has the understanding to do. It can be more challenging in some cases to ensure data protections are in place when you may not be able to fully manage it yourself.
  • Employee Education. Part of the wholistic program is ensuring all levels of an organization understands the risks and their responsibility for protecting company assets. Make this part of the overall program maturity as defined by a security leader that has done this before.

FocusPoint will work with you to fill this gap. There are variations of service offerings, depending on your need. Whether full-time/part-time, onsite or off, temporary or contract for hire, we can match the right leader with your needs. We have agreements in place with experienced individuals who are passionate about privacy/security and have built and matured large programs.  Visit our website, watch our webinar or contact us directly for more information on how you can build your program maturity!

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