2017 was a year awash with major breaches appearing across the headlines. IT teams understaffed and overworked across the board.  Fresh into 2018, I read article after article of the latest predictions for where this year will take us. How do you sift through the noise?

One firm predicts spend will exceed $1 trillion over the next few years. Immediately after these predictions is a hot steamy new ad for the “latest, most, bleeding-edge” piece of cyber security technology.  With plans to dominate the sector with UNBELIEVABLE growth.  Who should you believe?

Today the technology landscape is said to have over 2,500 security companies, two times that of the past several years. With an estimated 300 cyber security startups launching every year, that’s a grocery store stock full of options to secure the network, right?

But it appears to have created a disdain between the consumer and vendor. With every new startup comes a new sales team ready to deliver their perfect pitch on the product. The problem is over the past few years many of the products have not lived up to their hype.

A level of distrust has grown in the vendor/manufacturer relations within companies.  “Vaporware” saturated the marketplace. With manufacturers commonly giving out a prognosis before diagnoses because they, like many of us, have quotas to meet and families to feed. I am not trying to denigrate the manufactures, I only want to help with the vetting through the noise. The third parties onsite are the VARs (value added resellers) like FocusPoint Technologies.

At FocusPoint Technologies we bring a more Holistic approach. Understanding the complexities of the potential threats and discussing pain points with clients. Focusing not on the product first but the people, process, then product. (One thing we know for certain from 2017, is that a large percentage of these breaches are happening because of poor processes within companies.)

With the IT staff commonly understaffed, using FocusPoint Technologies as a resource is like hiring another whole team of IT professionals with complete dedication to cyber security. Providing a third party unbiased set of eyes to diagnose before prescription.

We are a VAR, we are not married to any one vendor and thus are able to bundle your needs into one solution. We have multiple vendors and will consult with companies through the process of choosing the option best suited to the enterprise.

FocusPoint Technologies is here to assist vetting through the noise. We will make sure to implement solutions that are best suited to best address the growing threat environment in 2018.