SECURE is a dangerous word in security.

SECURE is a dangerous word in security. As of July 2018, Google instituted a “non-secure” for HTTP websites and “secure” designation for websites that utilize HTTPS. Google has been warning website owners for years that they are moving to this identification of websites that don’t utilize HTTPS. They also stated that that your website [...]

Latest Developments in the CIS Top 20

Just when you feel you understand the CIS controls, a new version is released. In this case, the new version of CIS controls hopes to improve by separating them into three distinct categories and giving a more concise description for each. This should be good news! That said, those that have tried to implement [...]

The MSSP World Is Being Filled With Incompetence

Ok I need to get this off my chest.   Our industry in security is exploding in growth.   We all hear the statistics about breaches becoming more common.   The average small company goes out of business within 6 months after a breach.  We also know there is a huge talent shortage of security professionals.   In [...]

HTTP Headers

One of things that draws me to the security industry is how fast it moves.   Maintaining a web site for example is very difficult as the vulnerabilities are discovered it seems almost daily.   One of the web sites that we use to test our security of our web site is    It's not perfect, [...]

State Of Crime In Cyber From IOCTA 2017

Recently a white paper came out discussing the state of crime in cyber from IOCTA 2017.   It was released from Europol so it focuses on Europe.    Since we love to devour this type of data at FocusPoint, we thought we would share our impressions of the report. You can download the report here. [...]

EQUIFAX – Why Your Business Should Be Concerned

At this point, everyone has learned of the Equifax breach.    Emotions run high after a major breach.    The speculation of major lawsuits, fines create chaos for organizations that are traded publicly.   Probably most organization CEO’s when apprised of the Equifax breach asked their staff for an update on their own internal security posture.   Even [...]

Blame The Victim

I've been thinking this about this reaction of hacks for a while.   I find it disturbing that our society seems to blame the victim of cyber crime.   We've all read the headlines, XYZ corporation has been hacked.   The media pounces portraying that the company that was hacked lacked sufficient security controls. [...]

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The U.S. Government Heads To The Cloud

This was the recent title on an article published on Fox Business.*   According to the article, Tom Bossert, Trumps point person on cyberterrorism, will launch the government's platform to the cloud into "high gear."    When the cloud term first hit the IT industry, I thought it was a clever way to describe [...]

How To Outrun A Bear

One of the more difficult decisions organizations make is how much security is enough.   I've witnessed organizations swing widely on their spend of security.   I've seen this movie more than once.   An organization spends virtually nothing on security and utilizes the hope and prayer method of security.   Then the inevitable [...]

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