About Andrew Turck

Andrew has a passion for cyber security. He has technical selling experience and relationships with C-Level executives with the ability to suggest complex, solution-driven ideas to deliver business value and apply technology solutions to business needs. His FOCUS is on building lasting relationships in the cyber security industry. Andrew can be reached at 612-685-9514. Andrew.Turck@FocusPointTechnologies.com

Latest Developments in the CIS Top 20

Just when you feel you understand the CIS controls, a new version is released. In this case, the new version of CIS controls hopes to improve by separating them into three distinct categories and giving a more concise description for each. This should be good news! That said, those that have tried to implement [...]

Sifting Through The Noise

2017 was a year awash with major breaches appearing across the headlines. IT teams understaffed and overworked across the board.  Fresh into 2018, I read article after article of the latest predictions for where this year will take us. How do you sift through the noise? One firm predicts spend will exceed $1 trillion [...]