About Brian Stevenson

As President of FocusPoint Technologies, Brian is responsible for the execution strategy of the organization. He has been in the technology industry since 1989. His FOCUS is on evolving and aligning FocusPoint’s partner strategies and internal service offerings to ensure consistency in cyber security program design and implementation. Brian can be reached at 612-206-0118.

SECURE is a dangerous word in security.

SECURE is a dangerous word in security. As of July 2018, Google instituted a “non-secure” for HTTP websites and “secure” designation for websites that utilize HTTPS. Google has been warning website owners for years that they are moving to this identification of websites that don’t utilize HTTPS. They also stated that that your website [...]

When Did Cyber Security Become All About Excess?

When I started in the IT industry I loved it. I had a chance to follow two passions – technology and helping companies become more effective. Things that used to take hours manually now could be done in seconds. Most of the companies that existed had a true passion early to provide value to [...]


March 12, 2018 – St Paul, MN FocusPoint Technologies announced today that it has appointed Kathy Washenberger as Chief Information Officer effective March 12. In this role, Kathy will lead the technological aspects of the company and play a key role in shaping the strategy for FocusPoint Technologies. Most recently, she serviced large enterprise organizations in [...]

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Guaranteed Way To Lose Your Cyber Security Staff

You would have to be living under a rock not to notice the cyber security skills shortage lately.    Data from a new research report titled, The Life and Times of Cybersecurity Professionals, a collaborative effort done by Enterprise Security Group (ESG) and the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) revealed some interesting trends. 67% of cyber [...]

The MSSP World Is Being Filled With Incompetence

Ok I need to get this off my chest.   Our industry in security is exploding in growth.   We all hear the statistics about breaches becoming more common.   The average small company goes out of business within 6 months after a breach.  We also know there is a huge talent shortage of security professionals.   In [...]

HTTP Headers

One of things that draws me to the security industry is how fast it moves.   Maintaining a web site for example is very difficult as the vulnerabilities are discovered it seems almost daily.   One of the web sites that we use to test our security of our web site is https://securityheaders.io    It's not perfect, [...]

State Of Crime In Cyber From IOCTA 2017

Recently a white paper came out discussing the state of crime in cyber from IOCTA 2017.   It was released from Europol so it focuses on Europe.    Since we love to devour this type of data at FocusPoint, we thought we would share our impressions of the report. You can download the report here.   https://www.europol.europa.eu/sites/default/files/documents/iocta2017.pdf [...]

Only 13% Of Law Firms Have Technical Controls In Place For HIPAA.*

Do you have access to Personal Health Information (PHI)?   Is your firm involved in ligation where personal health care records are disclosed? Fines for non-compliance are reaching records levels.   Every law firm that deals with client health records are required by law to adhere to HIPAA compliance. Some questions to ask yourself if [...]

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EQUIFAX – Why Your Business Should Be Concerned

At this point, everyone has learned of the Equifax breach.    Emotions run high after a major breach.    The speculation of major lawsuits, fines create chaos for organizations that are traded publicly.   Probably most organization CEO’s when apprised of the Equifax breach asked their staff for an update on their own internal security posture.   Even [...]

Best Of Breed Is Not Always The Best Way To Go

In the technology industry it seems that everyone likes to state that they represent "Best of Breed" technology.    Utilizing the best of breed point solutions if you have unlimited budget, people and time is probably the best way to go.   However, in most organizations there are constraints on money, people and time. [...]