In the technology industry it seems that everyone likes to state that they represent “Best of Breed” technology.    Utilizing the best of breed point solutions if you have unlimited budget, people and time is probably the best way to go.   However, in most organizations there are constraints on money, people and time.    I believe the new best of breed is tight integration with your existing tool sets.   It’s better sometimes to compromise on having the best point solution with a solution that natively integrates.

In conversations that I have with CISO’s the message seems to be very similar in content.   They have enough tools and products already.   In some cases they aren’t even installed yet.     Having been in the technology industry for some time, I always feel like I get to see the same movie over and over.    When application sizes exploded and we started digitizing everything, the storage requirements grew huge.   Organizations purchasing more and more storage began to over-provision their storage purchases just to keep up with the demand.   Economics always catches up eventually.   Now you can purchase a terabyte drive for $40.   I believe we will reach the same tipping point with security.   Working with companies that sold you on a bunch of tools that no one is using.

It’s one of the main reasons we started this company.   It didn’t appear to us that anyone was trying to help organizations through the entire process of implementing technology.   They all seemed to stop after the purchase was made.    On to the next sales opportunity.    At FocusPoint, our objective is to stay with our clients through the process.   It’s not a one-time event.