I just finished reading an article on CNN, the title “Pentagon considers changing nuclear retaliation rules.” What does this have to do with cyber security you ask? Let me quote the article

“The Pentagon is considering recommending a change in policy regarding the use of nuclear weapons that could potentially open the door to a US nuclear response to a massive cyberattack.” CNN

According to the article, in the past a nuclear response has not been an option to a non-nuclear threat.

Take a minute to digest that. The possible consequence of a massive cyber-attack on the United States may result in the use of nuclear weapons.  Many thousands or hundreds of thousands could die because of a cyber-attack.

While this policy is still under review, it certainly got my attention and I hope it got your attention as well. It reinforced my belief in what we do at FocusPoint Technologies to help organizations protect themselves from cyber security threats.  To prevent this Armageddon scenario everyone needs to take cyber security seriously. At home and at work, big companies and small. Whether you sell peanuts or operate power plants.  We must all do everything possible to protect ourselves, the consequences have never been higher.

It seems nuclear war would be a very unlikely outcome, but why take the chance? The life you save may be your own.