Security Orchestration and Automation

When it comes to a successful security program, efficiency and incident response time are two key factors. Today's security teams are often understaffed and overworked. Tasked with using numerous disparate tools, many employees are struggling to prioritize incidents and determine what is important. Orchestration and automation tools streamline these processes, bringing together all your [...]

So Many Emails, So Little Time!

In-person technology collaboration is becoming a low priority. As a leader in technology, I very rarely respond to the plethora of emails, calls, mail that I receive from external sources. Especially in the cyber security space, I received upwards of 300 different interactions EVERYDAY. Anywhere from webinars, articles, sales material, even from reputable sources [...]


March 12, 2018 – St Paul, MN FocusPoint Technologies announced today that it has appointed Kathy Washenberger as Chief Information Officer effective March 12. In this role, Kathy will lead the technological aspects of the company and play a key role in shaping the strategy for FocusPoint Technologies. Most recently, she serviced large enterprise organizations in [...]

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