State Of Crime In Cyber From IOCTA 2017

Recently a white paper came out discussing the state of crime in cyber from IOCTA 2017.   It was released from Europol so it focuses on Europe.    Since we love to devour this type of data at FocusPoint, we thought we would share our impressions of the report. You can download the report here. [...]

Only 13% Of Law Firms Have Technical Controls In Place For HIPAA.*

Do you have access to Personal Health Information (PHI)?   Is your firm involved in ligation where personal health care records are disclosed? Fines for non-compliance are reaching records levels.   Every law firm that deals with client health records are required by law to adhere to HIPAA compliance. Some questions to ask yourself if [...]

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EQUIFAX – Why Your Business Should Be Concerned

At this point, everyone has learned of the Equifax breach.    Emotions run high after a major breach.    The speculation of major lawsuits, fines create chaos for organizations that are traded publicly.   Probably most organization CEO’s when apprised of the Equifax breach asked their staff for an update on their own internal security posture.   Even [...]