Blame The Victim

I've been thinking this about this reaction of hacks for a while.   I find it disturbing that our society seems to blame the victim of cyber crime.   We've all read the headlines, XYZ corporation has been hacked.   The media pounces portraying that the company that was hacked lacked sufficient security controls. [...]

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Vendor Agnostic Is The Wrong Approach

One of most overused phrases in cyber security sales is when providers state that they are vendor agnostic.   What exactly does that mean?    Well I think it's suppose to mean that we don't care what you purchase, we can assist you in every technology.   I'm not sure using that phrase is [...]

The U.S. Government Heads To The Cloud

This was the recent title on an article published on Fox Business.*   According to the article, Tom Bossert, Trumps point person on cyberterrorism, will launch the government's platform to the cloud into "high gear."    When the cloud term first hit the IT industry, I thought it was a clever way to describe [...]